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Gucci Noodles (interjection) is a term used as a response to express agreement or approval on something one has said, but has a much higher swag level than the traditional words of agreement.

The term originated from the infamous music group "Lords Of The G-strings" and immediately became widespread in the state of Florida. There is said to be a positive correlation between the amount one uses this term and their ability to produce the distinguished Female Ejaculation.

Gucci, Yes, Fuck yea, Agreed, Absolutely, Forsure.

Nah, No, Fuck that, No way Jose, Disagreed.
Dion: "Aye bruh letz blaze this blunt righ nah yu feel?”
Jerome: "Gucci Noodles”
*Dion sparks the blunt

Tyrone: "Yo brus, ma bitch wanna fuk round noon whathcu thank bout gettin dat guap at 2?”
Marcus: "Gucci Noodles bruh go head an fuk dat bit.”
*Tyrone proceeds to fuck bitch
by SwagBoss4000 February 23, 2015
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