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When Rashed Wallace of the Detroit Pistons makes a prediction of a future game and it comes true. This phrase originated when he guaranteed that the Pistons would win Game 2 in the Eastern Conference finals in 2004 after falling behind.
Success was Guaransheed for the 2005 Eastern Conference finals against the Miami Heat.
by unitysong April 05, 2006
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Certain, inevitable, destined to occur. Primarily used to denote that said action will be done with maximal gangsta steeze. Popularized by noted baller Rasheed Wallace.
"Yo, we gon' win on sunday. It's guaransheed."

by The Feight Train June 13, 2008
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Same meaning as guaranteed, coined by and referring to Rasheed Wallace of the Detroit Pistons.
"Rasheed Wallace guaransheeds the Pistons will win tonight"
"I guaransheed I can make this three"
"I will tap that ass, guaransheed"
by KG2001 July 10, 2008
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