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A person that is literally the best art everything in life, and not in life.
In every scenario, the pure amaznigness that the name Gryffyn instills in it's owner will overcome the perils of the modern world and vanquish all evils that stand before them. There is no power as great as that which the name grants, and as such, it also comes with great responsibility. Someone with the name Gryffyn must only use their power for good, otherwise the world as we know it may well come to it's end in a very unpleasant manner. Such an event would be very inconvenient for anyone one who had plans that evening. This is why the name is only given to the most trustworthy of babies, or those that display the least amount of inclination to fuck everything up. Sometimes, however, someone who doesn't deserve the name is given it. In this case, it is of utmost importance that the baby is repeatedly slammed into the ground, a wall, or spiky death-ball, until they are sufficiently deaded. If this is not successfully done, we're all fucked.

Not to be confused with griffin.
"I hope Gryffyn doesn't nearly fuck everything up again."
by Ey bosse September 04, 2017
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