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-breath smells like your nans rotten vagina
-extremely over-weight
-hair so greasy he could work at mcdonalds
-teeth as yellow as a ginger nut
-he will remind you of hulk (just abit less strong, more fat, not as green, not as popular)
-when he looks at you, he is thinking of your dick in his wide solar system of an ass
- so ugly he scares the crap out of the toilet
-DID YOU KNOW- brains aren't everything, in GRYFF'S case, they're nothing
-abit like Monday mornings, no one likes you

( im not gonna lie here, I was gonna include something about your dog, but I couldn't think of anything coz your so fat that you are everywhere, even in my mind, huh, that sounds a bit weird, maybe I shouldn't have wrote that)
oh ye,

- so white he'll remind you of paper, very think paper,( by white I aint referring to the skin tone, I am referring to the white people stereo type; needed to write that as your brain doesn't comprehend this immense amount of honesty,)
uuggghhhhh, why are you such a Gryff
by tyreece321 January 25, 2019
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gryff is a kind,funny, and chill guy he cares abt his friends a lot and he likes a girl named sarah. He is also very vsco worthayyy
gryff is so vsco worthayyy
by kenzie mckren November 23, 2018
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Stupid cunt that is wider than the fucking universe, fills up everything, makes more than a deposit in the toilet, scares the grease out his hair and doesn’t stop eating,

The only thing he explores is the fridge.
Mum: wheres gryff
Me: where do you think?
Mum: oh is that why the fidge is empty
by GryffAlwaysActsHardNext2Girls February 06, 2019
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