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Typical emo teenager in Stockholm Sweden of the male gender. The female being called Goffe Often found slashing his wrists or playing the wrist violin as it's also referred to. Camouflages her/himself in black since the daytime and sun is their natural enemy. Some purple, red, pink and striped varieties can also occur ocasionally. Manson is a hardcore yet typical Grunthor. On any given weekend night a typical stroll through any suburban park will yield the discovery of dozens sometimes more Grunthors and Goffes sitting in groups drinking lightbeer and slashing their wrists in synch with the dark repetitive music in their ipods.

Also a great and cheap way to dress for halloween themed parties since all you need is to rip your clothes and look depressed.
Failed at something miserably? your mood is now exactly that of a typical grunthor.
by Aussie_D January 16, 2009
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