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Someone who MOST DEFINATLY isnt a townielistens to any form of rock music or simular stuff.One who is a mix between Punk/Skater/Goth/Grunger and maybe slighty hippish :-D
Likes to wear "baggy" tousers,black,eyeliner...and anything they fucking want too.
Can't imagine existance without music.
People who have an urge to kill any Townie they see...COS THEY SUCK !
.Dosnt really give that much of a fuck wat people think..maybe slightly insane.
Seb Grunthker~ "I like anything that townies hate..i love the whole Punk/Skater/Goth/Grunger lifestyle and taste.I dont give a Fuck wat those bastard think...I live how i want too.I love Rock music.... i have no fucking idea wat i am .....i know I'lll make up a new word to describe myself..Yey..KILL A RUDIE!"
by Sebastian July 20, 2004
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