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The term used to describe someone who has the innate ability to topple a bandwagon that previously had a great deal of momentum behind it. In other words, a bandwagon jumper who causes the team to lose or the bandwagon to crash.
Brock Lesnar became UFC champion after four fights. After a successful title defense, he gained one too many fans - the one with Grunskyism came on board. Brock immediately lost the belt and hasn't been seen in the UFC since.

The Vancouver Canucks were having an amazing playoff run. They seemed unstoppable and made it to the Stanley Cup Finals.. Then that guy hopped on the Canucks bandwagon. He has Grunskyism and within a week, the Canucks fell apart, lost the finals, and Vancouver rioted. Grunskyism.
by G-ism October 20, 2011
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