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The scientific term for suffering from inordinate amount of sweat and wetness located around one's grundle. This nether-region, tucked between one's balls (or vagina) and anus, shows symptoms of Grundle Secretion (GS) due to any physical activity, sweating off the booze from a hangover, sitting in a chair that increases grundle temperature above the grundolgist-recommended 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit, among many others.
John: "Dude, when Megan and I switched airline seats I didn't think I would be sitting in a damp puddle. Do you think she peed?"

Grundologist Greg: "No John, she did not. She, along with 41% of other Americans, suffer from Grundle Secretion. That was just a mixture of her grundle butter. Airline seats often contribute to excessive GS."
by McCuntBuckets January 26, 2015
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