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The Grundel Grab is a sexual technique attempted by women who read too much Cosmo magazine. This maneuver which involves the prodding of the male sexual partners grundel, will in theory bring him to climax as this is his proposed G-Spot.

The validity of this theory and technique are both questionable due to a lack of substantial scientific and/or medical evidence.

Although rarely attempted, if done without warning, the male partner may resort to violence in order to protect this sacred and noble region, often referred to as "no mans land".
Marisa totally tried to Grundel Grab me but I punched her in the face.
by Mr. Friend July 13, 2009
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The act of a lazy masturbator, where the fondler compresses the chode area in order to divert his semen load into various, undiscovered body chambers, eliminating the need for clean up. The fate of the fluids remains undiscovered, but some scientists propose a link between grundle grabbing and chronic bad breath.
Kastura explained that his grundel grabbing was only a problem if he became violent or started missing work on a regular basis because of it.
by Ryan Ross January 16, 2006
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