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To understand the meaning, someone has to be a metal head because this is a group that can be attained under heavy metal, death metal, trash metal, black metal, or even Djent! This is a good name for a Russian metal head with a metal head to use as a band name.

Word: Grroop ov Toortalez
Pronunciation: RUSSIA
Origin: METAL
Meaning: A group of metal turtles.

True meaning: Is what it is.
Danny: Hey man! Did you hear the Grroop ov Toortalez last night!?
Greg: What?
Danny: I said Grroop ov Toortalez.
Greg: Why are you saying it like that?

Danny: Grroop ov Toortalez?
Greg: Stop. Please.

Danny: Why, Grroop ov Toortalez.
Greg: STOP STOP MOTHER OF GOD STOP. You’re giving me nightmares!!!!
Random Idiot: I like pineapples dipped in milk.
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