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GrovolotesqueAn ingenious word created by my sister one Christmas when I received a game of snap, (card game) where the snaps where pictures of ugly faces. After she said this wonderful word, and after an enormous amount of belly aching laughter form the rest of the family, she then proceeded to tell us that we were stupid and that we should, and I quote "err, read a dictionary once in a while". I then found my dictionary and told her that it was not in there.

The dictionary was wrong.
I think she meant grotesque.
(1. the creator)
(2. the lucky people who heard it)

1. "errrrrr whats that?"
2. "It's a game of snap, and they are ugly faces you have to match!"
1. "Oh my god, that's positively grovolotesque"
2. "WHAT?"
by Hollieisms December 22, 2017
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