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A highly dramatic story (usually from high school) that involves one's inner-circle of friends as well as people hooking up and fighting within that circle.

One tends to tell a groupstory to someone not in the group
You think that's bad!? My groupstory would make porn directors blush
by nahidontneedastupidname August 24, 2010
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A story on snapchat shared by multiple people. Originally intended for groups of friends/family to share together during a mutual event (parties,graduation,weddings,road trips, etc.) but has been badly misused as a way to get people to add each other. Once you've been added to this group story, you'll receive an orgy of adds from random people you don't even know and wonder where the hell they even came from.
Billy: Check out this group story thing on snapchat it's so cool!
Julie: What's the point of it?
Billy: It's like a thing where a group of friends share stories together all in one story.
Julie:Sounds like fun!
Billy:It is!
Billy: *checks story*
Billy: Hold on... why is there people doing different things and saying "Add me"? And do they even know each other?
by floridaguy69 May 26, 2018
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