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The act of jerking off over Xboxlive and or PS3N with at least 2 or more people joining into an orgy of jerking off over a video game console and or game, may or may not include a female in the mix, usually doesn't however as it's a long process of men ejaculating to one another voices and moans. Normally ending in a group of men breathing very hard into their microphones and grunting as they finish their loads off carelessly into the wind, sometimes hitting people passing by.
"After a long night of trying hard at Call of Duty, Stan, John, Kevin, Joe, and Moe decided to party up, they attempted to ask Kristal to join into their marry making but she was much too busy with her 7 Children, the boys then begin to Group Foop over the party ending in a massive sausage feast and 5 happy Call of Duty try hards."
by Thatguy over there September 20, 2011
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