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Similar to a sit-down, but scaled up to incorporate several people. A group sit down involves 2+ people, simultaneously using separate toilets within earshot, most commonly this makes use of public or communal facilities. Typically a group sit down is the male equivalent of bathroom meetings, but in quintessential male fashion actually performs a vital function.

Originally conceptualized by the Germans in WWI, group sit downs provided the necessary emotional outlets for soldiers confined to the emotional demands of trench warfare. Soldiers would share tales of their life back at home, of their wives, and of their children building bonds and friendships between each other in the process. GSD's would serve as an effective coping mechanism for war for decades to follow.

Nowadays GSD's are often associated with lad culture or male exclusive meetings in a corporate world increasingly dominated by women. GSD's offer a male exclusive space to share their thoughts, ideas, beliefs or emotional discourse.
Microsoft HQ is always filled with secretaries on a Monday so Scotty arranged a group sit down for the afternoon to discuss the quarterly financial report.
by JonoTeMuna July 30, 2016
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