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proud home of the foot hillers.oldest school in the east county. first built in 1921. a school that is half la mesa and half el cajon. muticultural school theres whites,blacks,latinos(mostly mexican),asians,arabs ,iraqi and chaldean ect. basically average in sports, test scores and acedemics. ALWAYS are crushed by helix in football. teachers are pretty decent too. most students believe this school is considered "ghetto"when in fact its just some people who for some strange reason like drama and wish they were ghetto. this shcool is filled with the same typical high school groups such as the jocks,preps,nerds,counter culture people,sluts,gangsters ect.but the group that is usually sperated from everyone for some strange reason is the JROTC. they just like to mostly stay together for some reason. everyone after school likes going down to elcajon to go home, the arco or the park. most people here are pretty chill but beware of the people who like to cause problems. the most students that attend grossmont are very attractive and fun to talk to. the most hot girls however usually are in dance,gymnastics or cheerleading and the attractive guys do football,baseball basket ball and wrestling. very spirited school.
man, grossmont high always loses football to helix

freshman: I cant wait for an awesome high school experience at grossmont high school
by ymemouse July 28, 2011
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