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The coolest fucking kid in the whole world. This guy is everyone's best friend. He has friends in every country of the world, plus some on other planets. This guy can do anything and everything. If you can sing, he can sing better. If you can play an instrument, he can too but better. If you can fly a plane, he can better. Groseclose is also right about everything. No matter what the topic, he is right. You cannot prove him wrong. He also has girls lined up to date him. Every girl in the world wants his cock. Everyone wants to be like Groseclose. And hes only 17.



OMFG WHERE?! I heard Groseclose built the World Trade Center and then destroyed it!

Dude thats nothing, Groseclose was the one who got OJ aquitted.

Fucking Groseclose built my car!
by Thaddius12 February 03, 2008
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