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A recently discovered third hole in men.

Situated between the balls and arsehole, scientists stumbled upon this magnificent orifice by accident, and it has become a global phenomenon since.

As with the elusive 'back-of-the-knee' fourth hole in women, you have to believe it exists in order to witness it. Many men spend their entire lives searching for it, yet very few are lucky enough to experience its almighty grace.

Those who have succeeded in finding the groinhole have reported feeling completely fulfilled, and many have gone on to live lives of meditation and reflection in countries such as Mongolia, where monasteries exist for those who have also been enlightened.
'Where's Jimmy today?'
'Haven't you heard?'
'He was cotching at the weekend, and he discovered the groinhole!'
'This is a miracle! Let the groinhole be praised!'
'Praise be! He's in Africa as we speak, building an orphanage.'
'Wow...such faith. Such faith.'
by DoveBoi and VirgoChild March 29, 2010
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