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1. A patriot for all humanity, devastatingly powerful and capable. Groelinger asks "Why can't I?" rather than accept failure. Groelinger fights for what he believes tooth and nail to win, but has the wisdom to know what battles can't be won. Groelinger is a lover and a fighter, because passion surges against evil and evil must be fought.

2. An amazing act. An act of making impossible or unlikely to probable and possible.

3. Friend to the end, a Groelinger has a friends back to the end, and will not faulter under any circumstances, including but not limited to; certain death, pain endurance, mental anguish, etc.
1. Don't mess with a Groelinger, that's just a bad idea.

2. Dude, he literally just Groelingered that, I can't believe he did it!

3. Yea, he threw himself in front of that bus to save his friend, what a Groelinger.
by Gdoggthehog October 24, 2011
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