An angry "get that bitch back" sexual technique used upon a woman who enjoys a bit of ass-to-mouth (ATM) action.

Just as you are about to pull out of her can, slide your pecker out sideways to collect a good bit of chocolate from her factory. Then, cram your pecker so far into her mouth she is forced to gag. This elicits a sharp inhale and most times a toothy, clamped down retreat from her gullet. By doing this, she collects the scrum inside her mouth and has in the process cleaned your shank of her foul, nasty shit.

The dumb bitch will need a good mouthwash and won't soon ATM again, but she will learn her lesson.
Bill: Man, Janelle is such a bitch.
Luke: What did she do bro?
Bill: She wouldn't swallow for me again last night.
Luke: Damn dude, what are you going to do about that?
Bill: Already done dude. I hit her up with a "Gristler" this morning and she won't soon forget that I'm the boss.
by Jomama, A.K.A. Joey Crack September 05, 2009
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