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Può significare due cose diametralmente opposte: Una persona di grandissimo valore o di bassissimo valore. Si distinguono i significati in base al contesto.
Il significato dal dialetto piacentino è : maiale, cinghiale, porco.
Madonna se sei un grino

Quella ragazza è una grina

Il Grino Primitivo
by sirlori December 20, 2014
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The most AWESOME name that someone could have as a last name. If your last name is grino you are autoatically cool and everyone will love you. :
also the last name grino mean ur a crazzzzy kid who wears rediculously bright colors all the time and is secretly named pikachu.
DAAAAAYYYUM did u seee dat grino just walk by?!
by theREALREALm&m May 30, 2009
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