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The state at which males at Grinnell College in Iowa are at after immersion within the school system. This corresponds to the level of female attractiveness in the eyes of said males. After just moments of attendance, the females rating on a scale of 0-10 immediately gains 3 points more. After four years, every female outside of the school appears superficial and too much to handle, thus leading to the high levels of post graduate marriage of 2 Grinnell students.
June: "That Stacy girl is U.G.L.Y"
August: "Alright so maybe Stacy isn't that bad at all."
March: "Many Stacy is the prettiest girl I have met. What I would give to get with her!"
Post-Graduation: "Stacy, honey did you feed the kids?"
-Perfect example of Grinnell Goggles
by Call me Mr. Big March 17, 2009
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