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Griffith Indiana is a small, crappy town located in Lake County Indiana. This town is filled with stupid, concieted, dumb people. Half ghetto, half preppy. Which leaves hardly any good people for me to talk to. Griffith is poor and cheap. They dont do anything to help their town because they're much too lazy. The school system is extremely stupid, the majority of people that attend Griffith High School are lame and really rude. They dont care about anything but themselves. Stupid dumb hillbillys are what i consider most of the population of Griffith. i hate living here, and im not the only one. Luckily, im getting the heck outta here when i graduate. Because i dont think i can go any longer in this messed up town.
Bob- "Do you know where Griffith Indiana is?"
Charlie- "Uh, isnt it that hillbilly town next to highland?"
by Anonomous... January 09, 2008
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