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Sublime; inspiring awe; distinguished by lofty or noble traits; eminent; awakening or expressing the emotion of awe, adoration, veneration, heroic resolve, etc.; dignified; grand; solemn; stately; -- said of an impressive object in nature, of an action, of a discourse, of a work of art, of a spectacle, etc.; as, sublime scenery; a sublime deed. Dope.
Those Franklin Mint collectors plates be so damn Gridley.
by Sinbad Poon January 09, 2005
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(adj) Stupid; unjust; unfair. Acting ridiculously; a person that is making you angry or upset. Slang synonym: Faggy, gay, or homo.
My mom just made me get off the internet. She is acting so gridley!
by nou>:] February 16, 2010
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