When you can see a guys junk because of the outline in the sweats.
I hope he wears Grey sweats today cause he's hung.
by Alexus santos February 3, 2016
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Why do girls dread over grey sweatpants u may ask answer is they really don’t it’s all a mental game and your just stupid
Greg “yo are u gunna wear your grey sweats tn?
Gary” yes since we are going to mineola tn we will fit in with the rest of the dbags there
by Tekashy March 3, 2020
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november 22 is grey sweats day. all guys wear grey sweats on november 22
“dude why is everyone wearing sweats?”
“bro is grey sweats day!!”
oh damn, i wore jeans 🥺”
by crazydino99 November 22, 2019
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