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1- Boring Definition: Olympian Diver famed for breaking his head on the diving board and covertly leaking AIDS into the pool.

2- Cool Definition: Sexual act. Performed by engaging in intercourse and bending your partner over a coffee table or other low surface requiring them to use their arms to hold themselves up. At a climatic moment you pull their arms out from under tham causing their face to bounce off of the coffee table, must yell 'Greg Louganis!' See also Tony Danza
1- Greg Louganis was a dick head to give the pool AIDS like that.

2- Megan is so dumb. I'm totally gonna give her the Greg Louganis tonight, man.
by PopFreeMonkey February 28, 2007
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When toilet paper is laid across the top of the toilet water stopping the water from splashing back up and onto your butt after you poop.
I am going to head to the bathroom and drop a Greg Louganis.
by BillyBoozeBag88 May 25, 2018
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