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Greenflame is a popular LEGO Ninjago ship involving two of the main protagonists, Lloyd and Kai. It is so named as in the show, Lloyd is the "Green" Ninja and Kai possesses the ability to control fire. It is one of the only homosexual ships.
Ninjago Fangirl #1: I ship Greenflame!
Ninjago Fangirl #2: So do I!
by Clazey J March 06, 2017
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a green flame is someone who means a lot to you, an extremely close friend. the concept of a green flame was created at Pre-Camp at Springfield College in Mass...
You guys are my best friends. You're all green flames to me.
by greenflameforever November 12, 2010
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Just misspelling of GayFlame, Gay being for being gay and Flame for hot
Do you know GreenFlame?
You mean GayFlame, yeah I know her
by GreenFlame15 July 15, 2018
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