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A Week Long piss-up at Monash University, Clayton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia that celebrates all things VB.

Teams compete for points by entering events.
Events include trike races, pool competitions, photography competitions, Iron Gut (where competitors eat really bad things such as lard with a dressing of raw egg, chilli flakes and olives), Dutch Relay, Boat races, and the legendary centurion in which competitors have a shot of beer every 30 seconds for 50 minutes and then decide the eventual winner by a 3 pot (285ml) scull off.

A seperate Scavenger Hunt is also a traditional part of Green Week where competitors have been sent to such far flung places such as Adelaide, and Canberra. Part of the Hunt involves 'The Hardest to Obtain Object' which has resulted in teams submitting the MCG behind post, signs indicating Army Presence and 24 hour watch stations at 400m and 100m respectively, and the sign from the royal mint which is opposite a 24/7/52 manned guard station.

Past winners have include Team 9 (2005), Too Piste (2004) and Farrer Hall (2003).
Green Week has been in existance for 19 years, evolving from a similar week long event entitled 'Farm Week' which was subsequently canned in the 80's after a live pig was thrown from the top of the 10 story High Menzies Building.
"What shall we do this fine 2nd Week of Semester 2?"

"Why, Green Week is upon us. Let's scull a beverage or 30 a day for the next week"

by VBman1986 July 30, 2006
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A time in a women's monthly cycle, directly between periods, when she is ovulating and fertle making her incredibly horny.
Green week is hard for me when I'mm single.
by giiiirrr June 03, 2018
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