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Acronym for Young Urban Professional who is into the green movement. Group whose culture blends the hippie/counterculture values of the 60s and the materialistic values of the 80s. Usually found in Starbuck's, organic food stores, and generally are into outdoor exercise activities such as running, cycling, etc. Generally liberal in their political views. They tend to be self-confident and place an emphasis on personal appearance/status. They may also exhibit green “techie” tendencies, where they purchase/endorse “green” technology that complements their outdoor lifestyle (hybrids, energy efficient light bulbs, digital books, etc.).
"A Green Movement Yuppie just parked their tofu filled Lexus Hybrid at Starbucks."

"Look another Green Movement Yuppie eating Kashi bars on a $6000 bicycle"
by Horsepower_and_torque_Junkie February 09, 2010
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