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99.9% of all kids do drugs, whether its weed, heroine, or rubber cement. Yet somehow they all have 6.7 GPAs. By far the most dominating school in wake county in all aspects. GH reigns in soccer, football, basketball, cross country, lacrosse and every other sport that counts. Rivals Cary and Apex rule at only one thing, gay sex.
Green Hope Students
John: hey u wanna go inject ourselves with whatever i can find in my kitchen?
Jack: yea sure, then we can study, i only have 98% in AP Calc.
Cary Students
Fag1: hey u wanna go stick road flares up each others asses?
Fag2: yea sure but can i invite Fag3 too, i promised him we'd do something involving our assholes and large objects.
Fag1: yea, then we can look through garbage cans for spare change.
by my ass or caryhigh? April 30, 2005
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