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TRUE fan of Green Day who has actually heard of 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours and Kerplunk. Not only knows the names of all 3 guys in the band, but their marital status and the names of their children. Makes pilgramige to Berkley, California.
"That emo chick doesnt deserve to be here, she's not Green Day Elite"
by Short & furious death May 03, 2005
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Green Day fan who thinks he's better than other Green Day fans because he (or she) was one before they "went mainstream", and is in fact only better than green day poseurs. Many of them dislike the album American Idiot for no reason other than to prove their "anti-mainstreamness". Has and intolerance for new Green Day fans, even if after becoming fans of American Idiot (the rock opera, not just the popular songs) they went back and listened to (and enjoyed) older Green Day music.
That Green Day Elite hates me because the first Green Day album I was a fan of was American Idiot, even though my favorite album is now Kerplunk.
by J077 June 04, 2006
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1. A very stupid ranking in the Green Day fandom. Most of the time, this ranking is self-proclaimed.

2. A person who hates newer Green Day fans for not having the luck to know the band earlier(which would be before the American Idiot/Warning era).

3. A person feeling more special and superior than any other Green Day fan. He or she, most of the time, would generalize everything, and claim to be open minded and smart.

4. Someone very proud to be a Green Day fan.
by Brightnegativity June 07, 2006
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When you are a faggot that only listens to Green Day and Prince, but think you're punk when you listen to Green Day. And you wear nothing but black dress shirts buttoned up and gay ties.
Mitch is a Green Day Elite; Let's kick his ass. OI! OI! OI!
by Awesomeness. March 06, 2005
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