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The "question" of who's a Green Day fan or not.

Some people (Green Day snobs) think that because they knew of Green Day before "American Idiot" they knew Green Day before they went mainstream. They think that anyone who didn't know about them before "American Idiot" is a poser. The "better fans" seem to think that when Green Day won a grammy for "Dookie", and "Dookie" sold ten million copies, it wasn't going mainstream.

It's annoying when people only like Green Day because they think Billie Joe "is hott", and people can be pissed, but telling said teeny-bopped off won't do anything.

Green Day rocks. Old stuff and new.
Green Day 'controversy' is supposed question of who's a "valid fan" of not.
GD snob: "Your first album was 'American Idiot'?!POSER! You make me sick!"
GD fan: "You know, it was, but I like '1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours' better."
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Green Day sucks. Their music is manufactured to become whatever is popular at the time. In the early and mid nineties, they resembled grunge and pop. Now that stupid kids are fond of "punk" (which none of the music they like actually is), Green Day has seen and taken an opportunity to make MORE money by whoring themselves out to a new audience. They have never been original, and have never been "good". Anyone who thinks they are a talented band is fooling themselves.
Why a definition for "Green Day 'controversy'" exists is beyond me, but whoever defined it is stupid and inane.
by Zorque October 10, 2006
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The big question is if Green Day is Punk or just plain gay. Many "Punks" believe that Green Day is poser and ruining Punk culture. And that they are the worst band ever.

Heres what i think:
Who the hell do you think you are? Oh the big fake Punk that stuffs too much crack up your arse cuz they think thats all we do. A real punk would never say that. How would I know? Cuz im Punk. Green Day changed the face of Punk for the better. Have you people whos frowning rite now even picked up a Green Day album? Define Punk for me............ if you just said more than a sentence you aint punk at all. Punk cant be explained. Its more than a type of music. Its a lifestyle. Rebellion is part of it. I think Green Day rose agianst many people. One of them is those ass fuck punks who cant grasp the fact that punk is more than drugs and agression. A real punk likes change. Grow the fuck outta your dam loser self cuz i can ACTRULLY beat the shit outta you. I wanna laugh when i see these fucks acting like they big.
Green Day is Pop Punk. Not hardcore. Losers. And we Green Day fans dont give a crap. Thats why we Punk.

Hey no offence to all u lovely real Punk peeps who has no problem with Green Day but might have been insulted. I look up to all you guys. I really do.
An arguement over the Green Day 'controversy':
Fake Punk: Green Day Sucks!!!
Real Punk: Man whats your problem with Green Day?
Fake Punk: They try to be Punk but they suck balls!
Real Punk: Back off man. I like Green Day.
Fake Punk: Fuck YOU! Im Punk and Im gonna beat u down! You poser Punk! Im real cuz i drink booze and get high! ha ha!
Real Punk: Ive had enough of this. Shut the fuck up.
* Real punk beats the shit outta fake punk and shaves fake punk's mowhawk off. Then he spits on fake punk*
Real Punk: You dont deserve that haircut. They for cool Punks. Dipshit. Not you.
by David the Rebel August 04, 2007
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