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One who lives below the poverty line. Also termed as a ghetto or a grebbins.
One who hates being shined by police spotlights.
Usually lives with a pack of grebanzas.
Is known to smoke sweater blunts.
Their favorite drink is kool-aid mixed with patron.
Have you seen Jamal and his hella grebanza family? They be livin in the projects now!

Ra'shawn be rollin around with those grebanzas in that low rida.

I haven't seen so many grebanzas since Cub had a watermelon and fried chicken sale!

Damn, them grebanzas always be drownin in our city pool!

La'esha! There's weren't none grebanzas at grad-e-ation!
by Boomquesha August 20, 2008
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