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This school is extremely cheap and borrows pretty much everything from other schools, the pupils are extremely toxic and the boys are just wannabe roadmen (yikes) every girls literally acts the same, ratchet. Interests aren't listened too and any form of different gets you bullied. Their "strong anti-bullying policy" doesn't event work. It's literally half built. DO NOT SEND YOUR POOR CHILDREN HERE. as someone who used to attend the school, it's not worth the mental health issues and confidential drops
"Greatfields School is literally the worst, I'm not sending my kids there! "
by XOXO FAGGOT July 18, 2020
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Greatfields school is full of nitties and skets. You tell someone something the whole skl knows. There’re snakes and olders tryna act up in front of other skls
Greatfields school isn’t even a proper skl like half of the skl is built like tf and older tryna act like road mans
by Unknow t October 17, 2019
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