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Here is my revised list. Disagree with me and you are wrong. Get over it.

1) Duke Nukem ; duke nukem
2) Solid Snake ; metal gear
3) Shao Khan; Mortal Kombat
4) Tank Commander; Quake
5) Mr.t ; Rocky
6) The undertaker ; WWF/WWE games
7) Lara Croft; First tomb raider only, they made her really sappy and retarded after that.
8) Liquid snake; metal gear solid
9) Xiahou Dun; Dynasty warriors
10) Guy from doom; Doom
11) Nemesis; resident evil
12) Vercetti; GTA
13) Purple Satan; Hexen (what youmean you never played it? Best doom clone ever!)
14) Venerable Uncle Fu; GTA (the first one, in case you wonder which)
15) Knucles; Sonic the hedgehog
16) Tal'set; Turok
17) Teflon Mike; Roadrash
18) BD Joe; Crazy Taxi
19) Team Lard bombardier; hogs of war
20) Chris Redfield; resident Evil

In addition, here are the worst three

3) Gordon Freeman ;half life
2) Konoko; Oni
1) Raiden; Metal gear solid
by Gumba Gumba April 14, 2004
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