A skit on SCTV in response to a need of a canadian segment.
It portrays two brothers, Bob and Doug Macenzie, as super-steryotypical canadians. The skit usually entails sitting arround, eating back baccon, drinking beer, saying "eh", and passing the occasional insult ("Shove off you hoser"). The skit always begens with the call of the wild.
I watched Great White North the movie and immediatly tried the mouse in bottle trick.
by MTCaptain August 12, 2006
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As a couple nears the end of intercourse the male partner busts a huge nut on top of the female (or other male)'s head usually resulting in a resemblance to snow on a mountain or a glacier found up north
Man: Can we do a Great White North tonight?

Girl; No, I just got my hair done
by baman n piderman July 13, 2012
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