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In the opening days of February 2010, a person or persons unknown started a stupid new trend on facebook and myspace that swept through like an avalanche. Countless people posted the following status: "Go to, type in your first name, copy and paste this in your status and the first entry for your name under comments."

This resulted in a huge influx of traffic on UD, which bogged down the site and crashed it a few times, because everyone thought it was so cool to post a glowing definition of their first name, which was submitted by some asswipe years ago. Of course, none of these lame first name definitions should have been approved in the first place, as per the UD guidelines which so many people ignore.

And yet, the worst was not over. After this, countless people began submitting first name definitions, which fell into two categories: glowing definitions of oneself or a friend, or slanderous definitions of an enemy. It was up to the editors to ensure the future of UD....
Oh man, I remember staying up all night during the Great FB/MS Laming of UD Crisis of 2010, rejecting as many lame-ass self-serving first name definitions as I could. It seemed like they would never end. I only wish we could remove all the ones from years ago, but most have too many votes and are thus "too popular" to be nominated for removal.

Dumbass: OMG!!! This is soooo awesome! UD says I'm a wonderful, sexy, intelligent person! That's great, but I think I'll submit and even better and more specific one! And then a mean one about the girl that pushed me at recess today!

UD Editor: I'll reject them all. Please stop contributing to the Great FB/MS Laming of UD Crisis of 2010.

Dumbass: Noooo!!! I'm shallow and weak and I need this self-esteem boost!
by klopek007 February 05, 2010
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