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Part of Chesapeake in the 757 part of Virginia. While Chesapeake is populated by hicks and some black people near Norfolk, Great Bridge is populated with scene kids. Perhaps the only area so densly populated with scenesters, Great Bridge has become a Mecca for those who wish to live somewhere that's not infested with rednecks
Man, I hate living in Suffolk, it's all rednecks. I wish I lived in Great Bridge.
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Great Bridge is an area of Chesapeake, Virginia. Most of the kids in Great Bridge are preps, Jocks, or red necks. There are very few others, and you occasionally see scene or emo kids. This is partially because most everybody in Great Bridge is rather wealthy, and can afford shopping at Aero and Hollister for their kids. Most guys here are into BMX, football, skateboarding, and typical guy stuff. They are just like stereotypic teenage boys. (I personally have lived in this area, and was one of few scene kids)
Great Bridge Girl: "Hey I went to Hollister the other day and got some new skinny jeans!"
Great Bridge Guy: "Oh my god look at all these awesome bikes! Man I'm gonna' ask for one!"
by BOTDF4ever December 18, 2010
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