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When a gander isn't good enough for the young male, he initiates a greasy gander. He reaches under his pillow and grabs his war paint, while whispering "a gander is afoot". Upon equipping the war paint to his now partially naked body, paying particular attention to the arse and general arse-area (on the arse, not in the arse!!) the young buck then makes it his mission to sneakily spy on fit birds all evening, without being compromised (Usually from bushes or behind curtains). Once the greasy gander is underway, not even spanking the "greasy badger" would be enough to stop this act of high level pervery on fine young women.
Steve says to Mike: Hey Mike, I'm off down to the shops do you wanna come?
Mike: Yeah, so long as we can pass the netball courts; I fancy a queer Greasy-Gander Mr Steve.
Steve: Alight Mr Mike, let me just finish up spanking this greasy badger and I'll be right with you.
... Some moments pass
Steve: *now donning a tophat and monocle* Could I have a hug Mr Mike?
by deltaforce_dfb February 20, 2019
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