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While having intercourse, doggy style, place a raw hot dog weiner in the the lucky lady's anus. Continue having beautiful romantic sex while the hot dog weiner is cooked by the warmth of your girl's anus. The sweet rectum juices fill the weiner with a heavenly flavor that will make you wanna stand up and beg for buttermilk. Once you have finished having sex, remove the plump and juicy hot dog weiner. Then place it in a hot dog bun and set it aside. This tasty and special treat is best served with chili and cheese and should only be shared with your spouse or with one of your lucky unsuspecting friends. Yum!!
"Dwight wouldn't pay me the $20 bucks he owes me from the last time we went to the massage parlor so I gave that bastard a Greasy Tara"
by B Square January 20, 2008
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