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Greasy Guido Tears are produced whenever a member of the "Jersey Shore" cries uncontrollably. Greasy Guido Tears can be caused by any number of things, intoxication, break-ups, lack of hair gel, ect.

Greasy Guido Tears roll down from the eyes through all the makeup, fake tan spray, steroid juices, and greasy skin that the cast of Jersey Shore wear and by the time they reach the ground they have the same affect on the environment as acid rain.
Bill: "Did you see how much Ronnie cried last night on Jersey Shore?"

Todd: "Yeah dude I usually like watching fake tough guys cry, but that shit is bad for the environment"

Bill: Totally, Greasy Guido Tears fall like acid rain and kill the indigenous plants and wildlife"

Todd: "Don't talk about Ronnie like that bro, GTL is my way of life"
by K1LL_4_FUN February 27, 2011
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