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A greaseslide is what will happen when bacon is elected with an overwhelming vote in 2012 and becomes baconator! A baconator is a benevolent and wise dictator who rules in a Baconocracy! Baconocracy is the choice to unite not divide... Bacon will rule wisely and benevolently. In this politically divided country our best hope for unity is to unite behind bacon in the bacon party. Only bacon can win a true mandate. The bacon party has a vision of world peace where all the diverse peoples of the world unite behind bacon. As we all know, bacon makes everything better. The motto of the bacon party is VOTE FOR GREASE!!! Bacon is the last best hope for the USA!!! Elect bacon in a greaseslide!
In 2012 the bacon party candidate, bacon, was elected in a greaseslide when the people chose a baconocracy!
by jmspaesq November 08, 2010
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