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Greaseman85 is THE GAYEST GUY ON EARTH. He's a dumbass faggot ass little bitch. That idiot want's to be a pimp so bad because he can't get no ass, what a loser prick.
In 2005 everyone showed him proof that XBOX 360 was going to be called XBOX 360 but that MORON did not believe anybody and was owned in the ass like his whore ass mother was by 4 guys 16 months before she CRAPPED HIM OUT OF HER WIDE LOOSY VAGINA.
He's also uglier than dog shit but he's so STUPID that he thinks he's better looking than Eva Longoria! lol Dumbass cocklover
Alot of people call that idiot Greasefag85 because he loves to suck balls so much.
Who's Gets fucked in the ass more than Elton John?
That CumLover Greaseman85!
by Straycat The Faggot February 06, 2006
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