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A Grease fart is a nasty ass fart that is highly flammable. This fart is kind of like a shart. When u have a Grease fart lots of poop or shit comes out. The shit can be small or super small. Big shits rarely happen. Only after you eat Ethiopian food. Grease farts are impossible to miss. By that I mean they smell awful. Like a dead cat wrapped around a smelly puib cover scrotum bag. That shit is nasty! If you ever have a grease fart you should evacuate your house right as it happens. If inhaled, a grease fart can fill your lungs with a smell that is worse than anything in the world!
Dominic: yesterday I had a Grease fart!
Maria: oh s$&@!
Dominic: i know! It happend after I had Ethiopian food so I had a large shart. The house smelled so bad.I had my house evacuated and decontaminated by my piece of shit maid
by dominic435 January 01, 2012
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Slang for a union automotive worker typically based out of Michigan or Ontario, Canada who slacks and stops working 30 minutes before his/her shift ends.
Double J is half way to the bar and his shift isn't over yet. What a greasefart!
by TDS Greaser July 15, 2010
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