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A skier who is slower than you and gets in your way. Often a beginner who makes wide turns across the slope making them unpredictable and difficult to pass. This is especially true when there are many in close proximity.
Ugh, I can't even enjoy skiing today its a fucking grazbatch palooza out here!
by Huckabee99 March 28, 2009
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Tourists and noobs on the ski slopes. Named for the aimless way they graze across ski slopes and their affinity for groups or batches. Tolerated in small doses their numbers become truly intolerable on weekends and holidays.

Their preferred method of turning is the snow plow.

Can also refer to these same individuals who while driving clog I-70 West of Denver on weekend mornings and afternoons.
Would you get a look at these grazbatches? We're stuck in traffic at 6:30 in the morning on a Sunday and later these grazbatches will be cutting us off and clogging the slopes.

How can grazbatches enjoy skiing when all they know is the snow plow. Why won't they just stay home and jerk off.
by CalifornicatorRobotMan February 23, 2012
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