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"A small town of about 300 people in mid-MIssouri where copious amounts of drug use happen. Namely methamphetamine people there are whacked out. Also fake drugs like rock salt and fake weed are 'all the rage.' Not uncommon to find out people that live here have STD's. If you happen to be passing through don't stop as you are likely to get mugged by zombie meth freaks. Also people like to have pride in this town running around saying GRV-for-life or tattooing Gravi-for-life on themselves believing that being in that town of 300 is really gonna get them far in life. People coming from Gravois Mills are raised rascist painting swastika's on public signs or spray painting 'Ni**ers get out' on a billboard. One major contradiction of this place is everybody runs around acting like EMINEM but they hate black people. WIGGER, WANGSTA'S One more point to Gravois Mills, LOTS OF PEDOPHILE'S.
Gravois Mills used to be the meth capital of the United States.
Come to Gravois Mills, meth-head paradise.
Gravois Mills, where all "gangsters" are white.
by wolfbrother December 25, 2012
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