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Grassoline is a fuel that is made out of the oils from marijuana plants and is considered a "green" source of energy. Now that marijuana is becoming legal across US states, large companies are starting to use grassoline to power generators and fleet vehicles so they can benefit from federal and state enviromental tax credits (Google, Frito-Lay, Arby's, ect..). Another advantage of this fuel is the calming effect the grassoline exhaust provides. 86% of workers who work with grassoline driven equipment claim that they are overall happier, healthier, and hungrier than before according to a federal survey conducted in 2013.
Coby: "Hey, we need more grassoline for the truck"
Dillon: "Can we stop for pizza first?"
Coby: "Yes."

Gary: "These new grassoline generators are 34% more efficient that our old diesel ones"
Senator Frank: "Very good, I will award you nine tax credits."
Gary: "I'd rather just have a pizza party."
Senator Frank: "Ok."
by Varnpike December 03, 2014
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The smell of a freshly mowed lawn and the exhaust of the lawnmower doing said mowing.
"Hey i just walked by the freshly mowed football field and it smelled like grassoline"
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An alternative fuel that is derived from the ethanol produced by the switchgrass plant. Because it is so easily grown, switchgrass is a likely candidate for reducing the need for fossil fuels.
After cutting the switchgrass with the lawnmower, the grass cuttings are converted to grassoline. The grassoline is then put into the lawnmower to cut the grass once more.
by fritz123 February 13, 2009
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