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(n) Compound word; originally used as a lighter, milder term for crapface, when one does not want to be reprimanded for using pg-13 language in front of minor minors. Evolved into a universal substitute for any curse. Mysteriously capable of bringing smiles onto both user and usee.

Alternate usage of grass as a substitute for crap: "Piece of Grass."

The exclamation "What a grassface!" is sometimes used immediately following a sneeze.

Other related exclamation as a synonym to "rats!" and the like: "Grassy ping-pong balls!"
"Acchooo! What a grassface!"

"I'm gonna get that piece of grass..."

"Get your grass out of here!"

"Grassy grassface shedding pieces of grass!"

"Quit grassing around!"
by GuavaGuy December 08, 2013
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