A person who has been reported to the police or other law enforcement agency has been "Grassed up" Term used by British criminals, law enforcement authorites and the media.
I was " Grassed up."
by Graham Cook May 11, 2006
Fuck with someone's world in a major way; so much so that no one, including his employer, his circle of friends, his family, shit... even his damn dog/cat hates him. Generally, it means jacking any relationships he has, hacking & scrubbing his laptop and/or smart phone, key his car; you know, basically screwing up his

whole world. Btw, it also works with the softer, smarter gender, although you have to be much more stealthy with women.
I swear, if he doesn't call in the next 20 minutes with a GREAT excuse and heartfelt apology for missing the night of all nights - when I just know he was gonna propose, I'm gonna grass him up, majorly.
by I_fly June 30, 2018