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A troll who criticizes/mocks the dated graphics of older video games, regardless of whether the gameplay has stood the test of time.

They seem to be oblivious of the fact that due to the rapid emergence of new technology, the cutting edge eye-candy they're jacking off over now will be dated and discarded once the "next big thing" hits the market.

They're also guilty of the greater crime of championing visuals over gameplay - a stance which is killing the integrity of the video game industry.

They can typically be found in Youtube comments sections, posting garbage on gameplay videos of titles 5 - 10+ years old.
Graphics Troll:

"Shogun Total War? Why the hell did IGN give this POS game an 8.5!? The characters are 2D! WTF!??

Look at the ground textures! LOL what resolution is that 1x1!? SUCKAGE

You nerds can knock yourselves out. I'm off to play some COD:WAW NAZI ZOMBIES FTW BITCHHHHHEEESS!!!!!"
by Urizen123 October 10, 2009
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