Term used to mean "jealous"

Like when something so totally awesome happens to someone else and it makes you feel kinda sad that you aren't a part of such magnificent festivities, then you would feel "grape jelly."
My brother went to Georgia without me and was posting pictures of him kayaking and hiking.

It made me soooo grape jelly.
by SnowWoman93 August 11, 2012
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greasy hair, love dur love, blink 182 poser, writing on pants, slurred speech, gross, brush it off, ten feet, the nastiest thing ever, get it away, GOD HELP HIM!
omg that person is sooo grape jelly.
ew, god that annoying person should date grape jelly.
i can be like grape jelly.
why dont you like me? maybe its your greasy grape jelly hair.
by lovedurlove March 21, 2007
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when a woman's cunt area is filled with any type of jelly, jam, or preserves. It is best used as a comeback.
"Linda your a slut"
"Yeah well at least my mom doesn't have a grape jelly cunt"
"Linda your a slut"
"Yeah well at least my mom's cunt isn't filled with grape jelly!"
by ashley ellen Smith October 1, 2006
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Just like tossing salad, but with grape jelly. Where inmates force another lower inmate to lick grape jelly off his asshole
Lick the Grape Jelly of my ass bitch
by xcghjklp-098uyt December 22, 2021
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It's when you put grape jelly on you penis and have intercourse with a woman. Then you eat her out.
Joe:Yo man you wanna help me make a grape jelly taco?
Emily:Sure lets go to the store.
Joe:No man not that kind.
Emily:Oh okay ill go to the kitchen.
by xXN0XSK0PEX69X420Xx November 20, 2013
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